LANKO Skimcoating, Floor Preparation, Surface Preparation, Concrete Repairing and Grouting

LANKO is a global brand by ParexGroup devoted to technical mortar products and is a leading brand in Western Europe. Our technical mortars are formulated to address the requirements of construction and civil engineering sites, offering safe and innovative solutions for fixing, anchoring and repair works on concrete structures.

PAREX Facade Decoration and External Insulation

Waterproofing, insulation, protection and decoration...
in order to be able to perform these essential functions, Facades are the object of special attention for architects, material manufacturers and building professionals alike. ParexGroup offers a complete range of solutions for both new and old constructions and for External Insulation Systems.

DAVCO Waterproofing, Tile Setting and Grouting

The DAVCO brand originated from Australia and has been established for over 30 years. ParexGroup Inc. is dedicated to waterproofing and tile installation systems for interior and exterior application in residential or civil engineering projects and commercial buildings.