Our Roots

 The proven formula for the continued success of ParexGroup is combining global development with a strong local presence, ensuring our people are always close to local customers.

Building expertise

Sharing of insight and knowledge across local markets has developed into a key competitive advantage for the partners and clients of ParexGroup.

The Future of ParexGroup

While we maintain an environment which promotes a strong level of exchange between our operating units, ParexGroup continues to operate in a decentralised manner allowing for local customization the basis of our company culture. This provides the freedom to act more innovatively and ensures a strong contribution from all of our partners, which is the key to success.

Our Brands

LANKO, DAVCO and PAREX are the registered commercial brands of ParexGroup Inc. in the Philippines

The ParexGroup Culture

As a responsible company, ParexGroup is actively engaging in favour of sustainable development. This is directly inspired by our company culture and is based on strong focused commitments.