Expertise in Technical Mortars


Smooth Surfaces Fast & cheap

Quick and easy: Our smooth skim rendering pastes provides perfectly smooth finishes in just two coats. LANKO 101 is mixed with cement for 1-4 mm thickness while LANKO 103 is a ready-to-use white paste that can be left exposed. LANKO 113 LANKOPATCH is a thin rendering mortar for finishes between 0.5-10mm. These products remove the need for primer, putty, sand paper and neutralizer. They only promise excellent trowelability on reinforced concrete, pre-cast panels and traditional rendering.

Different Surfaces Same High Performance

Self-levelling screeds are certainly the way to go when preparing your floors. These timesavers vary in application thickness: LANKOSELF THICK at 7-20mm, LANKOSELF SKIM at 3-8mm. More than great coverage and high mechanical strength, our flooring and surface preparation provides excellent adhesion. Finally, use LANKOFLOOR HARD to protect your surfaces against abrasion.

High Mechanical Strength

Our high grade non-shrink grouts and mortars have been formulated to meet your structural requirements. Whether for structural reinforcement, bedding of industrial equipment and restructuring, our concrete repair mortars and grouts can address market needs for excellent workability, good coverage and high compressive strength.

Everything Pre-fabricated

To build fast, choose the most suitable shapes and put them together, quick and easy. Just remember to use LANKO 603 in joints subject to movement. This single-component polyurethane sealant comes in cartridges and sausages and can be used for expansion joints, joints in facades, boards, siding, metal constructions, between roof tiles and ceramic tiles, weather-stripping in wood work and aluminium, and traditional masonry.