Towards Years of Security


 Flexible & Cementitious Waterproofing

 DAVCO K11 Waterproofing is a range of cementitious waterproofing that is
highly flexible, water tight and non-toxic. K11 Flex and K11 Superflex are best for swimming pools, cisterns, water towers, roof decks, balconies,  toilets and bathrooms. K11 Rapid Plug, on the other hand, plugs leaks quickly.

 Green Waterproofing with Polyurethane

 Our polyurethane-based waterproofing is durable, ready-to-use and non-toxic. DAVCO K10 GRS 2000 is specially formulated with  root-resistance for roof garden designs of landscape architects. K10 PU Plus, on the other hand, is perfect for roof decks, terraces, balconies and walkways.

 Underground Protection

Corrosive elements, hydrostatic pressure and ever-present moisture. To protect below grade structures from these phenomena, our waterproofing products react with moisture in concrete to form microscopic crystals within the pores and capillary tracts of concrete thus providing positive and negative waterproofing. Thanks to crystalline formation technology, we can ascertain the protection of basements, foundations, cellar walls,  underground carparks and reservoirs.

Cost-efficient Waterproofing

We have coloured waterproofing that can replace paint. K10 Sovacryl’s crack-resistance schedules re-waterproofing in the far future. K10 SolarTAC’s heat-shielding composition provides insulation fundamental to lowering cooling costs. These two products are best for roofs, exterior walls and gutters. Their adhesion is excellent on steel, zinc, metal, timber, plastic, asbestos, masonry, brick, concrete, mortar, aluminium and wood.

Suits Any Tile in the Market

We want the whole tiling experience to change and be positively different for both the DIY hobbyist and the big contractors. The revolutionary Dustless formulation improves air quality by reducing air borne particle. This results in cleaner and healthier working condition for the tiler and the homeowner. This unique and innovative technology also enhances the ease of use of the product during mixing and application.

Grouting Tiles with Cleaner Air

What makes our color grouts very unique is the innovative Dustless technology. Pioneering the Philippine market, our new formula lowers dust, providing better working conditions and faster clean up. Included in the formula is a special polymer that increases strength and adhesion. To add,
this product is anti-bacterial, stain-preventive and UV-resistant.